Short Stories

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Just like that, I figured out how I'd died. And my first reaction was hot fizzing excitement. That's how messed up this was.

Pulled into another dimension, a detective must wade through the devastation of her own murder to catch a killer.

A paroled monster, a prostitute and a policeman all see a little girl lost, but this isn't the start of a joke.

An isolated, frail old man trapped in his apartment; what possible threat could he pose to the sociopaths next door?

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In the dim swampland of his mind Boris Bulgaris has always dreamed of working with fast food.

The government executes people who fly as "terrorists", but Guntarc knows he can escape his life amidst the clouds ...

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Missing Days: Omissions from Year 47

Collected material from the Year 47 series, by Bo Chappell with contributions by other writers including Nonna Loves You by BP Gregory

Currently writing: Vu Ja De

Collected short stories volume III

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Take it with you when you travel, Cardigan Press' 2004 anthology of cutting edge Australian fiction has a mind bending story for every length of transit.

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