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It's All About the Love

Horror short story


Here, and only here did Boris' scabrous skin glow with true health, and rare prehistoric butterflies of beauty lumbered through his swampland mind ...

In the dim swampland of his mind Boris has always dreamed of working with fast food. And if spotty, squealing Pannager the Manager thinks he can stop him, he has another rather horrible thing coming.

Equal parts gory and humorously grotty, It's All About the Love is part of a suite of short science fiction, urban fantasy and horror stories by BP Gregory, each its own little maelstrom of human suffering and longing. Includes disquieting (adult) themes. It first appeared in 2004 in G Wells Taylor's experimental Ezine The Wildclown Chronicle, to great acclaim and some vomiting.

You can enjoy It's All About the Love as part of Cacophony: Collected Short Stories Volume One.

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