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Urban fiction short story


I was quaking with such insane frustration the day they canned the space program that instead of assembling an economical dinner like a good little wifey, I stomped away into the sunset. Off to find where the man had fallen from the sky ...

A young girl gazes down at a body shattered on the quiet suburban pavement. What desperation would drive anyone to risk such a horrible death? Who would stow away?

The author was always fascinated by what could be contained in a brief moment. This urban fantasy is part of a suite of short science fiction, fantasy and horror stories by BP Gregory, each its own little maelstrom of human suffering and longing. In it Guntarc's friend from earlier short story Promise struggles on, hurt, limping but still determined.

Stow can be enjoyed as part of Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume Two.

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