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"An acid-dipped blend of Blair Witch and Cabin Fever with a sprinkling of Cannibal Holocaust for good measure"
- Ben Walker, Kendall Reviews

Vu Ja De

Vu Ja De includes ...


Pulled into another dimension, a detective must wade through the devastation of her own murder to catch a killer.

White Picket

The starving folk in rags love gathering on my lawn to wait for me to get home. More every day.




Our Lady of the Trampled Beast

Three workmates march into the dark woods, just as their profit-hungry company orders. But in those old and looming trees something even hungrier is waiting.

Collected Short Stories Volume III


The collapse tossed me to the floor. Painful sparks at knee and elbow where I gave up skin to the god of pissed-off caves; not much compared to the colossal oh shit I'm going to die that smothered all bandwidth. Terror devolved me right down to a tender worm beneath the descending boot and I jacknifed into a c, then an s, shredding my ass trying to burrow into hard stone and hide.


The bit you'd call the actual disaster was over in a New York minute. A seismograph needle tripping the groove, or perhaps that was the thin unsavoury air talking. The aftermath stretched slow and dreamy as a melting record groaning out sad songs, bad songs, songs to break up to as they drip in tarry honey down the turnstile...

A scorned lover delves beneath the earth one final time. A war criminal waiting out his old age in an apartment. Three corporate citizens become lost in the woods and they are so terribly hungry.


Enjoy BP Gregory's latest horror, science fiction, and urban fantasy stories neatly packaged together in Vu Ja De: Collected Short Stories Volume Three.

Babes Down Boreholes

A scorned lover is invited to explore a mysterious cave, but a group turns up. Are these their replacements?


It had only slowly dawned on Randal that he was in fact subsisting in a flat beneath General Fucking Broncawei, a war criminal. But once it had, every creak and shudder of the ceiling became especially ominous.

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