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Horror short story

My best friend was in Pompeii.


I wasn't, of course, or I wouldn't be standing here staring down a museum display titled "A BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!" A kitsch red LED volcano flickering gently in the background, flinging deep shadows across expressions of abject misery behind a velvet rope for the small children to point sticky fingers at. Speakers rumble in the distance. One little girl bursts into inconsolable howling at the sight; or perhaps it's the ruddy glowering threat that the same's imminent to be visited on us. I like her immensely. Her father carries her out...

My best friend was in Pompeii. And like everybody else on that fateful day she never left, leaving me orbiting helplessly within horror, reincarnation and the persistence of memory.

As seen on in 2014.

Mould can be enjoyed as part of Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume Two.

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