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Horror short story


This stinks, thought Denny morosely, like some mother's group setting him up, the divine angels of society's secret vile justice. The little girl, the object of his attention had LOST stamped all over her, pale little lip quivering. And nobody was doing anything. Not one of these stern upright folk; folk who always found a way to pass the word about him, no matter how many times he moved. His crap just lived in boxes these days, those boxes getting fewer and fewer.


Nobody shuttling back and forth on their very important business so much as glanced down, but of course Denny couldn't help noticing the little girl lost, it was his sodding curse. Even with the injections that had just made him sick at first...

A paroled monster, a prostitute and a policeman all see a little girl lost, but this isn't the start of a joke. What can such a morsel do, when all that's left to rely on is the kindness of strangers?

Strangers can be enjoyed as part of Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume Two.

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