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Horror short story


His therapist's office had no windows but plenty of mirrors. They were antiques, or good replicas, sprinkled with verdigris to distinguish warm reflection from reality. It looked like considerable effort had gone into collecting them. Difficult to imagine the buttoned-down woman sitting serenely opposite him with both feet flat on the floor popping out for a weekend of combing estate sales, sharp beak picking over the dead.


Or perhaps not such a stretch.


Ron shifted uncomfortably. This was her consulting suite, deep in the basement of the imposing hunk of building. When you ventured into that lobby, oh boy, the onslaught of marble let you know that whatever was wrong with you had to be serious. Snugged beneath that condemning mass, her office with its mirrors and soft carpet was a place to be safe and be seen.


So why was he sweating like he'd dashed the one minute mile?  ...

Ron is in therapy, unable to admit that his life has never been able to move past one terrible encounter.


Entropy is a short story set in the world of Outermen, and is an exclusive extra offered as part of the Scarlet Ferret Special Edition of Outermen.

Special edition ebook

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