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Science fiction short story

The flat overhead shook with thuds and crashes as things were knocked over and smashed by the grappling pair ...

Lovely Tiffany can hear the amorous folk upstairs, wistfully recalling when she and her boyfriend were just like that. Disturbingly, when the racket turns violent it's still just as she remembers. But what, exactly, does she remember?

The author was always fascinated by what could be contained in a brief moment. Commitment is part of a suite of short science fiction, urban fantasy and horror stories by BP Gregory, each its own little maelstrom of human suffering and longing. The story evolved out of many evenings in a thin walled apartment, chewing old grievances and obsessions until they assumed gruesome proportions. Includes disquieting (adult) themes.

You can enjoy Commitment as part of Cacophony: Collected Short Stories Volume One.

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