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Short horror story


We ended up going to a place I knew. John wasn't sure if the bars he used to lurk about were still cool, or even open.


The cold air shocked him back to his senses, some. As we stumbled through a back street labyrinth you could see suspicion prodding with queries he ought to have blurted long before setting foot outside his front door. Just how well do you know your old buddy Charlie these days?


But the rose stained lure of good times? You can't beat that...

Do ghosts exist? Surely the city would be crawling with them by now ... Out on a drunken pub crawl, John and Charles are about to find out what happens when ghosts reach out from the icy walls and touch somebody.

As seen on in August 2015.

Lunchbox can be enjoyed as part of Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume Two.

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