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Our Lady of the Trampled Beast

Horror short story


Four live-long days of tramping scrag brush, getting scratched to hell like I'd tripped into a bushel of cats, and I won't lie. All this hypnotic waving green had somehow along the way switched from being idyllic to downright spooky. Whether it would also be mysterious and ooky remained to be seen. The signs weren't good.


I paused on trembling calves that felt like sticks had been rammed in. Ostensibly tugging my shirt to let sweat dry; actually trying to get my head around another night in this sloppy organic purgatory...

Three workmates march into the dark woods, just as their profit-hungry company orders. But in those old and looming trees, something even hungrier is waiting.

Our Lady of the Trampled Beast is a short wendigo horror story. It can be enjoyed as part of Vu Ja De: Collected Short Stories Volume Three.

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