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The Epubizer reviews The Town ... suspense, flawed heroes, bizzarro situations and terrified bravery

The Town by BP Gregory is a clever, well-pulled-together novelette with themes of loneliness, abandonment, disappearance, the losses felt by those left behind, and alcoholism as a coping mechanism, wrapped up in fierce witticisms and photo-perfect observations of the human condition.

It's also a horror flick filled with suspense, flawed heroes, bizzarro situations and terrified bravery. And it's funny with it.

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In essence: The Town by BP Gregory

You really don't want to be Kate. Not Sober Kate, with her shitty job, staring at satellite photos in search of fire damage; not Drunk Kate, crying down the phone to her irritated supervisor, handily forgetting everything she did the night before in a wine-infused funk. She's bloody-minded enough to follow up on a mysterious sighting of a town that everyone claims doesn't exist, however, and she and her mismatched colleague, Lin, embark on the kind of detective road trip that has all the hallmarks of A Bad Idea ...

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