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Scarlet Ferret interview: BP Gregory on Flora & Jim, inspiration, and albino penguins

"We're all little people. Everyone eats, shits, gets up every day and tries to survive under capitalism."

Sakina, author of the very excellent A Bagful of Dragon, hits me with some writing and horror questions at Scarlet Ferret

If the embedded video is struggling, you can also enjoy the interview at

Liked the interview? Click the cover to get your Special Edition of Flora & Jim from Scarlet Ferret:

Flora & Jim

Bonus Extra: The special edition research piece Why I Ate Bugs, a deep dive into the research undertaken for this novel.

Founded in January 2020 by Kevin Benyon, Scarlet Ferret is a curated online bookshop of special editions including digital extras such as short stories, artwork, and articles.


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