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Sakina at Scarlet Ferret takes on Flora & Jim

"Will you do absolutely anything to avoid this as the future for your children?"

Sakina, author of the very excellent A Bagful of Dragon, takes on Flora & Jim at Scarlet Ferret

21st June 2021 - Scarlet Ferret

"When the earth has frozen over, what will you do to save mankind? Admit that it's too late and bow out gracefully? Or battle on, dragging your child through hell, no end in sight?

Set in post-apocalyptic earth where the end has been and gone and hell has frozen over, this short novel takes you through the trials of a father and his daughter as they navigate the shell of a city, trying to survive.

Or, does it?

Frozen earth, the product of irreversible climate change, the end speeded up because people eventually and ironically burned anything they could light, is a miserable, bitter place. Jim and Flora are in continual pursuit of 'the other father' and his son, whom Jim regards as prey for the sake of the bags carried on their backs ..."

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But what extras do I get?

Flora & Jim

Bonus Extra: The special edition research piece Why I Ate Bugs, a deep dive into the research undertaken for this novel.

Founded in January 2020 by Kevin Benyon, Scarlet Ferret is a curated online bookshop of special editions including digital extras such as short stories, artwork, articles, etc.


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