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New Scarlet Ferret Special Editions

I'm thrilled to announce that new special editions of Flora & Jim and Outermen are now available from Scarlet Ferret!

Founded in January 2020 by Kevin Benyon, Scarlet Ferret is a curated online bookshop of special editions including digital extras such as short stories, artwork, articles, etc.

Click the cover to get your Special Edition from Scarlet Ferret:

But what extras do I get?

The Town

Bonus extra: A free copy of the creepy Wendigo short story Our Lady of the Trampled Beast.

Please also enjoy free access to The Town's audio trailer on the Scarlet Ferret The Town page, voiced by Sally McLean and Billy Smedley.

Flora & Jim

Bonus Extra: The special edition research piece Why I Ate Bugs, a deep dive into the research undertaken for this novel.


Bonus Extra: A free copy of Entropy, an exclusive short story set in the world of Outermen.

Kevin was kind enough to release the below post celebrating the launch:

28th April 2021 - Scarlet Ferret

Two new special edition ebooks. Two new horror tales from the fantastic Australian author of The Town.

I realised earlier today that my journey towards horror books is the same on I took with music during my teens. My taste for classical music morphed into an enjoyment of film music. My reading journey took a similar path, and certainly up to my very recent appreciation of the wider horror genres.

Like many, I started out with the "old stuff" ... Yes, Lovecraft (you can all roll your eyes).

I could access these older books more easily. They're what sits on most general bookshop shelves - safe bets for them too, I suppose. I devoured the collections and bought my way through the more obscure pieces and the longer novels.

Decades later and my reading has expanded to encompass as much as I can get my hands on ...

Enjoy the full article at


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