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Why Do I Write HORROR? with Kendall Reviews

It must be a slow news day. Some of you may have recently noted the dusty old claims circulating once again that those who write and/or enjoy horror are somehow ... abnormal. Dangerous? Creepy, definitely.

On Twitter it sparked a surge in the hashtag #IAmAHorrorFan as people from all walks of life jumped to horror's defense.

As part of a deep dive into the love of horror and how it enriches people's lives Kendall Reviews has started asking authors that all-important question: WHY they write horror?

Horror Survivors: BP Gregory, author of 'Flora & Jim' - Why Do You Write Horror? (includes fiction sneak peek)

23 January 2019


Kendall Reviews Feature


It was a fascination with psychology that led me step by step down the garden path to horror. Readers connect so readily with fear, and authors love dissecting it, because it’s such a universal human emotion.

There are folk out there who’ve never known a grain of love, happiness or peace. Yet with the exception of a rare few sporting crumbling patches of darkness where their amygdala ought to be, they are all intimately familiar with shivering in fear.

To be human is to be afraid.

To be afraid is also wonderfully humbling. That job you worked for so hard ceases its relevance. Your achievements, everything you’ve built to tell yourself you’re a good person and you matter, all blown away like dandelion fluff on a cold wind.

This tends to be why throwing mixed status characters together in horror is so gratifying: because what’s then played out has a justice seldom true in life. They all get torn down to the same level ...

Enjoy the full interview including a fancy little preview of Flora & Jim, and also why a whole bunch of other fascinating authors write horror at Kendall Reviews

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