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The Grim Reader Reviews Flora & Jim ... a very grim picture indeed

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Book review: Flora & Jim – B. P. Gregory

It took me a little while to warm to Flora & Jim by BP Gregory (haha!).

The world has transformed into a cold and grim frozen wasteland, one in which Jim mopes about scavenging for food with his daughter, Flora, all the while desperately searching for the “other father”.

Make no mistake, dear reader, BP Gregory paints a very grim picture indeed with Flora & Jim, added to the fact that Jim is a cantankerous old bastard means it wasn’t an easy read.

The book is really one of two halves. The first half of the book I struggled with a little, and that was largely down to Jim. I get that Jim has been through a lot, the recollections of the past suggest as much and as the story progresses, we find out why Jim and Flora had to leave the others.

I actually quite liked his stubbornness and the love he holds for his daughter is absolute, no question. It’s just… he isn’t a warm character at all, and honestly, he began to get on my nerves. With a cast so small, it’s the main reason I struggled so much early on.

It wasn’t until the scene on a sunken ship where Jim and Flora hide whilst being attacked by giant bugs that I began to become truly invested in them both. Things begin to motor on very nicely from there.

Suddenly, the action picks up ...

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