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Tom G.H. Adams reviews The Town ... a mix of dark humour, vivid imagery and bizarro-type scripting

**Me at 3am: "Honey? Heeyyyy, honey? Honey look at this. Honey, hey honey look. Wake up and look. Tom thinks I'm funny too!" **

Tom G.H. Adams, author of Coffin Dodgers and The Psychonaut, reviews The Town.

"BP Gregory first came to my attention about a month ago after reading an online interview with her via The Grim Reader, which in turn led me to Kendallreviews where I gleaned more information about this Aussie storyteller.

I guess what attracted me to her author profile was (obviously) the fact that she wrote dark fiction, but also her sense of humour came through. I’ve no doubt she could probably do stand-up as an observational humourist if she put her mind to it.

After reading a sample of her writing I was convinced that here was a significant new talent to bolster the growing ranks of female horror writers ..."

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Who is Tom G.H. Adams?

Tom Adams is an imaginer and audio book narrator drifting between lands of speculative fantasy, horror and bizarro. Visit for more.

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