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The Grim Reader Has Me in For Some Writer-ing Questions

The Grim Reader and I huddled around the magic eight ball to come up with the answers to questions on writing, reading, terror, and coffee in my face hole!

21 Jan 2018 The Grim Reader

Interview: BP Gregory talks puns, writing and edible bugs!

Today, the Grim Reader welcomes BP Gregory to She talks writing, books, puns, influences and more. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your stay.

TGR: Where did your love of reading and writing come from?

BG: My folks read to me from day one, but instead of Spot Goes Quantity Surveying Dad would just whip out whatever he was into. My cradle rocked to a lot of Lord of the Rings, James Herbert, Dennis Wheately, etc.

Then when I got older it was all about the libraries. I pursued the mobile book van the way other kids’d chase a Mr Whippy.

The library was a place for my parents to step outside their own bookcases and ask in hushed concern, “Is there an upper limit?” The answer, of course, being nope!

Like those rats who starve to death pressing buttons for orgasms, I’ll happily read ‘til the sun turns black.

TGR: What are some of the books/writers that had an impact on you and inspired you to write?

BG: It feels like I’ve always been writing but the dry, wry internal lives of my characters owe a lot to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, Michel Houellebecq’s The Elementary Particles, and Hermann Hess’ Steppenwolf.

My fascination with how characters inhabit and determine space stems from Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves, which a housemate introduced me to over vodka martinis ...

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