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G Wells Taylor reviews Automatons ... thrills and horror

The maestro of the noir clown detective, and clicking skin eaters reviews Automatons.

"This apocalyptic romp by BP Gregory paints a prophetic picture of the end for humans and their artificially intelligent caretakers.
Biting humor and sage-like observations do nothing to diminish the thrills and horror of this action-packed detox from the human addiction to technology. ..."

Read the full review on Goodreads.

Who is G Wells Taylor?

He joined the digital publishing revolution early with an eBook version of his first novel When Graveyards Yawn that has been available online since 2000. Taylor published and edited the Wildclown Chronicle e-zine from 2001-2003 that showcased his novels, book trailer animations and illustrations, short story writing and book reviews alongside titles from other up-and-coming horror, fantasy and science fiction writers.

Still based in Canada, Taylor continues with his publishing plans that include additions to the Wildclown Mysteries and sequels to the popular Variant Effect series.

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