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Smashwords 25 Dec-Jan 1 ebook sale!

Kicking back to relax? Or hiding in the toilet at work?

For that perfect break reading Smashwords are having their 25 Dec-1 Jan ebook sale!

Deep discounts to my scifi and horror novels, and heaps more great authors with code at checkout: visit Smashwords to start your reading.

What code, you say?

The code that appears next to the price on the book page where it says USE CODE AT CHECKOUT FOR SITEWIDE PROMOTION.

So if you've been wondering what sort of a person might survive a frozen apocalypse, try disaster, horror and redemption with Flora & Jim. If you're already shivering and fancy a toasty adventure instead, join Kate in the search for the vanished people in The Town. Or if you prefer a bit of a scifi romp and more pages for your buck, dive into deserts, intelligent machines, roaming cities with Hard Plastic Candy: Automatons Books I and II Omnibus Edition.

Cover image Flora & Jim

Flora & Jim

The world is frozen. The animals ascendant. And, locked in pursuit of "the other father" across a grim icy apocalypse, Jim will do anything to keep his daughter alive ...

Cover image The Town

The Town

Kate knows what she saw on the satellite footage: the burnt out remains of a town. But she was drunk, the evidence vanishes and nobody believes her.
Determined to prove it at any cost she sets out into remote bushland and farms, exposing a slew of horrible urban legends, sinister locals, and the mystery of too many people who vanished over the years with nowhere to go ...

Cover image Hard Plastic Candy

Hard Plastic Candy: Automatons Books I and II Omnibus Edition

Perhaps the world ended and we brought it on ourselves; but only Joyce noticed the whimper.
While a Surgeon must not be touched, John craves it more than anything.
Spanning hundreds of years, books one and two of Automatons are a stripping bare of the ways people stumble blindly down the same old paths, and how we find it so much easier to be humane to our technology than each other.

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