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Read an Ebook (for free!) Week, March 4-10

And before you start in with Silly Rabbit, that's EVERY week! let's not forget that humans love easy wins.

Image: weird mutant bunny/pug

To celebrate Read an Ebook Week, between 4-10 March 2018 pop on over to Smashwords and pick yourself up a bunch of free, free, free ebooks of the free variety by using the code at the checkout. Mine and a whole bunch of other awesomely participating authors.

What code, you say?

The code that appears next to the price on the book page where it says FREE code. Free code for free things.

If you've been gagging to try surgical scifi shenanigans with Something for Everything, or a bunch of short horror/scifi/urban fantasy all mashed together into a magnificent Orotund / Cacophony sandwich now is the time to jump in!

Cover image Something for Everything

Something for Everything

A Surgeon must not be touched. The city can never stop.

Comforting truths to live by. But the other cities have fallen silent. Fear stalks the streets.

And John the Surgeon craves touch more than anything ...

Cover image Orotund

Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume II

A paroled monster, a prostitute and a policeman all see a little girl lost, but this isn't the start of a joke.

An isolated, frail old man trapped in his apartment; what possible threat could he pose to the sociopaths next door?

Take a stroll down humanity's eerie back alleys and enjoy BP Gregory's newest short science fiction, urban fantasy and horror stories neatly packaged together in Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume Two.

Cover image Cacophony

Cacophony: Collected Short Stories Volume I

In the dim swampland of his mind Boris Bulgaris has always dreamed of working with fast food.

The government executes people who fly as "terrorists", but Guntarc knows he can escape his life amidst the clouds. A well heeled lady almost misses an elevator, and she will desperately wish that she had. For the first time eight of BP Gregory's unusual and sometimes horrifying short stories are available to enjoy together in Cacophony, annotated with bonus snippets of background lore from the author, and taken together the true taste of humanity will emerge.

** I wasn't able to find the creator credit for bunnypug - if you know please share, so I can add it **

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