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Holiday Reading Madness!

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas ...

And whether you celebrate the big red man, the adorable little baby, or our great lord Cthulhu, the holiday period is a great time to get back into your reading!

To help out with that I've got some horror, some science fiction, and a mixed bag (for those who love to read intermittently) of ebook stories all marked down to 99c to the end of December.


Horror - The Town

Kate knows what she saw on the satellite footage: the burnt out remains of a town. But she was drunk, the evidence vanishes and nobody believes her.

Determined to prove it at any cost and fascinated to know who would want to live hidden in the middle of nowhere she takes co-worker Lin and sets out into remote bushland and farms, exposing them both to a slew of horrible urban legends, sinister locals, and the mystery of too many people who vanished over the years with nowhere to go.

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Science Fiction - Something for Everything

Long ago humanity retreated into migrating cities, leaving the landscape to monsters. Within the safety of walls the caste of Surgeons are denied human touch to preserve their skills. A Surgeon must not be touched. The city can never stop. Comforting truths to live by. But the other cities have fallen silent. Fear stalks the streets. And John the Surgeon craves touch more than anything. Monsters, machines and roaming cities, insanity, betrayal and lust: centuries later, the seeds of grim legacy sown in Automatons have borne strange fruit indeed...

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Mixed Bag - Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume II

A paroled monster, a prostitute and a policeman all see a little girl lost, but this isn't the start of a joke. An isolated, frail old man trapped in his apartment; what possible threat could he pose to the sociopaths next door?

Take a stroll down humanity's eerie back alleys and enjoy BP Gregory's newest short science fiction, urban fantasy and horror stories neatly packaged together in Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume Two.

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Because at this time of year, sneaking in a little treat for yourself shouldn't break the bank.

Wishing you all a lovely and safe time over the holidays!

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