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This is a section for stories that weren't just amazing, or enjoyable (though there are plenty of those out there to sink your teeth into).

These are stories that changed me in some small or profound way. If you take a chance on reading some, I hope they help you feel the same.

Hot Shorts
China Mieville's Sacken

'Had it been a relief when the water came in, or the worst moment of all?'

A holiday, a cottage by a lake. A boat. A punishment. Everything in the sack would mean itself.

(I read this in Three Moments of An Explosion: Stories by China Mieville)

Betty Rocksteady's
Elephants that Aren't

'Something sticky writhed across the screen. An elephant. No. Not quite an elephant. Emaciated, with legs too long and wriggling. It lurched across the screen, rubbery trunk pulsing, quivering.'

Lindsay struggles to draw, something she once loved, that gave her life meaning. Haunted by her mother's talent. Until her memories of the elephants surface. The grotesque elephants ..

(I read this in Lost Films, ed. Max Booth III & Lori Michelle)

Hot Longs
Tom Sweterlitsch's
The Gone World


'Already the future receded from her, like images half retrieved from dreams or like her memories were waves breaking against the shores of the real, washing away.'

gone world.jpg
Simon Stalenhag's
The Electric State


'Lighthouse keepers were once warned they shouldn't listen to the sea for too long; likewise, you could hear voices in the static and lose your mind.'


An infinity of possible futures to scour for clues, existing only when observed, and distorting around the lens of perception. Shannon must probe these possible outcomes to solve a murder. But at the end of them the Terminus, the mysterious and baffling end of all humanity, is drawing nearer.

At first it seemed just another entertainment. Then it spread. Now a young girl and her robot traverse what seems like the crumbling, commercial end of civilisation. Heading for ground zero of a new type of posthuman. 

Hot Podcasts

Radio Rental

A video rental store sharing eerie true stories told by those who survived them. Episode 2 put genuine ice down my spine.

Solutions to Problems

Intergalactic call-in radio show solves listeners' problems. Whatever the species, whatever the problem. Scifi fun!

The Hotel

Is it purgatory? The afterlife? There is a special room for every doomed guest who checks into the hotel.

Find Us Alive

Trapped inside a dimensional anomaly, Site 107 are hoping that somebody will find them, and hopefully, find them alive.

radio rent.webp

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