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Hot Shorts
Kristi Demeester's Stag

'It was possible my father might come home, might open the door on his daughter caught up in the fire of salvation, of temptation, but he had never taken me hunting, never let me see the bared, warm heart of an animal, and so this was his fault. He had led me to an altar and forced me to kneel.'

Carol-Ann was supposed to be "saved" as a child. But with a clear eye for hypocrisy, she has found her own God.

Laird Barron's The Men from Porlock

Adam Nevill's Mother's Milk

Livia Llewellyn's Horses

Helen Marshall's In the Year of Omens Kelly Link's Stone Animals

TE Grau's Return of the Prodigy

Brian Evenson's No Matter Which Way We Turned

Steven Sherrill's The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break

Clinton Boomer's The Hole Behind Midnight

Kathe Koja's The Cipher

David Wong's John Dies at the End

Hot Longs
Hot Podcasts

Within the Wires

Season 1 specifically floated my boat. A dystopian world told through the unlikely medium of relaxation tapes.


Alice Isn't Dead

In a meditation on America and humanity, a truckdriver roams the country looking for the vanished wife she thought was dead.

The Magns Archives podcast logo

The Magnus Archives

Statements of terrifying encounters held at a mysterious paranormal research institute.


The White Vault

Sent to a remote arctic outpost and pinned down by a blizzard, a repair team struggles with isolation and an unfolding and terrifying mystery under the ice.


Moonbase Theta Out

Short but incredibly poignant narrative of the staged and increasingly stressful shut down of a lunar research and mining operation. I am all on board for Project Growbear.