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What Are We Reading?: The Shatter Point, by Jon O'Bergh


3.5/5 Glowing Roses

Give me the short version:

Violence simmers beneath seemingly perfect suburbia.

The Shatter Point is an unusual book, more horror-leaning than outright genre. In hindsight I believe I wasn't quite the right audience as I don't have a great love of reading about ordinary everyday life; but read on, as this might be exactly the story you're looking for.

The Shatter Point undertakes a patient, thoughtful character study of each of its players, in a detailed and immersive environment. It is only gradually that the pressure cooker of suburban intolerance and conformity is revealed, lending the peak moment of violence solid credibility.

Jon O'Bergh certainly shows a strong grasp of narrative voice, switching easily and believably between the perspectives of various characters in a manner that contributes to the whole. If you enjoy a bit of intrigue, whodunnit (or "who's going to do it") and violation of social norms then The Shatter Point is for you.

Favourite bit:

"My father used to take us on drives when I was little to see new housing developments." The normal machine-gun rhythm of her sentences slowed. "I used to imagine what it would be like to live in those beautiful homes. No fighting - my mother and father were always fighting, usually over money. But I would fantasize that our lives would be perfect if only we could move into one of those houses with their perfect decor, everything in its place."


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