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The Scary Reviews takes on Vu Ja De ... "distinctive, wildly imaginative, and at times abstract."

David Spell knows horror!

A scorned lover delves beneath the earth one final time.

A war criminal waiting out his old age in an apartment.

Three corporate citizens become lost in the woods and they are so terribly hungry.

Enjoy BP Gregory’s latest horror, sci fi and urban fantasy stories gathered together as part of Vu Ja De.

"It’s time for another trip through the sometimes odd and uniquely crafted world of B.P. Gregory. I’ve been reading her work for years. Her style is distinct, wildly imaginative, and at times abstract.

I found the shorts in Vu Ja De to be no different. The first Story, Babes Down Boreholes, is a tightly written short that has a claustrophobic quality. Quite fitting for the group of explorers who are deep in a cave.

Story two, Abstract, is a game of cat and mouse and ironic at its core ..."

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