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The Kendall Reviews Graveyard Shift

14th December 2020 - Gavin - Kendall Reviews

I want this to be a platform for EVERYONE within the horror community; authors, publishers, bloggers, reviewers, actors, directors, artists. I could go on, if you work in the genre then you are more than welcome to apply for the job.

The rules are quite simple…

You are invited to imagine yourselves as warden for an old graveyard, and choose eight books, preferably horror/dark genre, to take with you to cover your shift; here you can discuss why you chose the books.

As well as the books, wardens are allowed one song/album to listen to. Again, an explanation for this choice is required.

You must also discuss one luxury item you can bring, which must be inanimate and not allow communication.

A new shift is about to begin. The warden for the week’s #GraveyardShift is…

BP Gregory

Good morning all! Greetings from the Kendall Reviews Cemetery.

As you can see, I’ve arrived to take up my Cemetery Warden duties by the sane light of day. This place is creepy enough without groping helplessly amongst the graves in the dead of night when your torch gives up the ghost. Ha! See what I did there? But no kidding, electronic equipment doesn’t last long out here. Must be on a ley line, or a whey line, or something.

Speaking of creepy I know the previous Warden left safely, I KNOW they did because I saw their post. Right through to the end of shift when they got to go home to their nice safe bed.

So what’s with all the bones in the shack? Tossed about the floor the way you would with something you don’t need anymore. Yellow as old toenails and tangled up in … surely they wouldn’t have left their clothes, right? And their wallet. Look, the ID’s all still in here.

Anyways you’re not here for that. I’ve hauled my precious luggage up this hill and near done my back, so let’s crack it open and show you:


Choosing eight contenders was tricky business. I’m a fast reader, and can easily blow through a novel in a day if I’m enjoying it. I did think of cheating and bringing the entirety of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, but my luggage doesn’t have wheels and lugging it here would have ruined me.

So I’ve selected three books that demand slow thoughtful reading and comprehension, and then some lighter fun ones.

The Cipher By Kathe Koja

Kathe Koja’s character-based masterpiece of a troubled couple who discover and experiment with a mysterious hole that appears in their building defies easy definition.

Slavish devotion, cultish influence, and inexorable degeneration lead to the only possible conclusion which is every bit as disturbing as the cover promises. (PS this is my fav cover, and not to brag but I’ve got a signed copy).

Enjoy the full article at


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