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What Are We Reading?: Osgood As Gone, by Cooper S Beckett

Cover of Cooper S Beckett's novel Osgood As Gone shows a stylized drawing of three people holding lights and wallking into a dark place. One is a woman with long curly hair and a pronounced chest, one is a non gendered person with purple hair in a faux hawk, and one is a nondescript young man with glasses


4/5 Vanishing Abandoned Rest Stops

Give me the short version:

No matter how many bridges burned it's never too late for paranormal shenanigans

In the paranormal field Osgood has learned in the hardest way possible how the ends never justify the means. A series of cryptic messages along with the faint promise of reconnecting with a love will draw her from her traumatic isolation for one more investigation.

Osgood As Gone, book one in The Spectral Inspector series promises to be the next obsession for readers who love sneaky hints, unraveling mysteries, and sassy flawed protagonists navigating complicated relationships without dropping the investigator ball.

I know that's a lot to pack into one novel but Beckett delivers admirably, each of these elements given thoughtful depth while we leap from one clue to the next. Of extra value is this being part of a series: that means more adventures to go on with these characters.

Favourite bit:

"Aiming the flashlight with her left hand, Osgood peeled back the corner of the heavy coated card-stock with her right. Beneath, stapled onto the corkboard, were what looked like sheaves of papers. Each one of them almost identical, the giant word MISSING up top, a box with a poorly photocopied picture, and some bold text beneath.
'Missing people,' she said.
'They've hungrily taken the most vulnerable people of our world.'"


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