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Kendall Reviews: The Making of an Indie Horror Audiobook

One-stop Audiobook

A Brand New Audiobook Narration Company

An interview about the company's beginnings and first project, BP Gregory's Flora & Jim

The Making of an Indie Horror Audiobook

BP: So in January of this year I posted about wanting to get into audiobooks as my New Year's resolution ... and the next day Ed DM'd me to say HIS resolution was to start his own brand new audiobook narration company!

We decided to combine our powers to launch both projects.

Here are five questions each about this journey we've gone on together:

BP to Ed: What was it when you saw my tweet that made you decide this is the time to strike, your new audiobook career starts now?

Ed: It's something I've been planning for a while. I have a background in music production and had done some voice-over work in the past and saw this as a great opportunity to combine these skills with my love of reading. All I needed was that little push to take the next step. When I saw your tweet, I just thought this is it - go for it!

BP to Ed: Did you already have an interest in horror or sci-fi stories before you narrated Flora & Jim?

Ed: Absolutely!

Horror and sci-fi were a big part of what made me first fall in love with reading.

I loved reading Stephen King and James Herbert, while Kim Stanley Robinson is probably my favourite sci-fi author. These days I lean more towards fantasy fiction, but it's been a great experience to reconnect with my horror roots.

BP to Ed: What has been the most challenging part, and your favourite part, about recording this audiobook?

Ed: Actually, the answer to both those questions is the same thing: Jim's voice ...

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