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Slowly Filling My Home With Creepy Things

Let me show you my new addition.

If you can't read the text, it says "Packing Beef, Walhalla. 45." It's a print of an image you can also find in Trove, part of a series of photographs of goods being hauled up the steep track to the Australian mining town of Walhalla, possibly around 1905 according to the Trove entry ( . For a quick reference as to what life in Walhalla may have been like in 1905 here are some images, and the last three links are reported fatal incidents that occurred in the town that year: The more you examine this photo the more eerie it becomes: from the glistening exposed ribs slung across the horses' backs, the glower of the menfolk, and the single child with a possible facial abnormality who appears distressed.

As a fan of Laird Barron's The Men from Porlock I had to have it.

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