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If You're Into That Sort of Thing

I'm pretty sure most of you will already know that the Smashwords July Sale is now on.

But just in case you didn't and you've been hanging on for that sweet sweet tax return so you can feed your book habit, my stories and heaps of others by a wide range of awesome authors are available at some pretty fancypants discounts - the discounted price appears on the book screen when you click on it :-)

So far my newest short story Abstract, about a young man who discovers a war criminal living in the apartment above him and Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume Two (a stroll down humanity's dark alleys) have been getting a lot of love because who doesn't enjoy a bit of July eeriness.

But don't miss out on end of the world machines, roaming cities and surgical doom with Something for Everything (Automatons Book Two)!

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