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High Hopes for the New B&N Stores

B&N are rolling out new stores w/restaurants. Props if you take your novel to the counter and they match the perfect meal to it. i.e.

John Dies at the End, David Wong

A McBratwurst, a petrol burning smell and a hot dog that you stick in your ear.

The Ritual, Adam Nevill

A battered mug of thin sugary coffee, the last cigarette and the taste of your own bloodied tears.

Dead Sea, Tim Curran

Hentae in a paper cup inserted directly into your brain via your left nostril.

The Croning, Laird Barron

Now you're standing outside, you've bitten your tongue and all you can remember is a creeping dread as the shadows draw in around you.

Greener Pastures, Michael Wehunt

A braised swan stuffed with ransom notes from your family that's been stowed under a house all winter Kiviak-style.

The Variant Effect, G Wells Taylor

A plate of deep fried chicken skin (it looks like chicken ...), a truss and a tremendous bottle of pills.

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