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What Are We Reading?: Greener Pastures, Michael Wehunt


5/5 Probing Proboscis

Give me the short version:

Greener Pastures broke my brain and I loved it.

While we're all being honest, as a fan of eerie fiction (circa Bartlett, Llewellyn and Barron) I was always going to love this.

Ranging from quasi-classical to reworkings of the mundane, Greener Pastures is between eye and horizon a stunning exhibit of Mr Wehunt's scope and subtlety. The fears and feeble twitches of humanity are treated tenderly, especially those that in a normal context you'd be inclined to look away from - but of course, once deep inside the meaty confines of someone's head "normality" becomes a fond conceit. Be sure not to miss the author notes at the end; Wehunt's own brief analysis of each piece is very satisfying.

Favourite bit:

"He went outside into the muddled stillness and walked around the cabin twice. The stars were sprayed everywhere. The place had no foundation and he dug his way beneath it in a moment. There was a crawlspace of sorts and he wriggled inside and lay down. Black as absence. He felt something curl up beside him and he slept in its warmth, grateful."

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