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Horror Selfies!

The Horror Writer's Association brings us Horror Selfies!

The first round I entered in October 2014 was pretty simple: as popularized by Mr Stephen King, horror writers/readers/fans post photos of themselves holding up signs promoting their love of horror.

I was so excited my kind co-worker Tara and I rushed down to the corporate lobby which had this big imposing red piece of art and she snapped this one on her phone.

If you're keen to see some more horror selfies including Mr King's "Read More Scary Books" click here to enjoy the Kobo Writing Life's blog coverage.

Then the Horror Writer's Association hit us again with a comp for authors to submit a horror selfie reading one of their favourite horror books ...

This was snapped by the very talented Elor'han Images backstage at one of Madame Blavatsky's 2010 photo shoots where, thinking no-one was pointing a lens at me at that particular time I was chilling with David Wong's John Dies at the End - and hooray I won! Thankyou to the Horror Writer's Association for my Amazon gift card with which I burned my way through a good chunk of my to-read list.

PS If you're wondering what to read next, I can't recommend John Dies at the End enough.

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