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What Are We Reading?: Last Days, Adam Nevill

Rating: 5/5 Old Friends

Give me the short version: For desperate indie filmmaker Kyle, the cultic documentary was too good to be true. But the Temple of the Last Days never gives up secrets without taking in return.

Hooray, more Adam Nevill! By happy accident, Mr Nevill is one of several authors I've had the pleasure of reading in sequence, thus enjoying his novels' progression from really good to awesome. His raison d'etre being terrible ancient forces and the people who give their souls over to them, Last Days was the book that had to be written next. Detective mystery slash occult thriller, as with Mr Nevill's other novels the story is grounded firmly by strong characters. It is through their voices that we feel empathy as well as revulsion, elevating atrocity from mere shock value to a mournful, macabre sort of beauty. I cannot help but wonder if his wizened, twisted figures of horror and pity might one day achieve the same cultural notoriety as Mr Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.

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