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What Are We Reading?: Penpal, Dathan Auerbach

Rating: 5/5 Hopeful Balloons

Give me the short version: Nostalgic childhood vignettes assemble into something far more sinister.

Not having retained many childhood memories of my own, I was instantly charmed by Penpal. It seemed to bring the forgotten era back into reach, with all its overwhelming emotion and superstition. Categorising this story as a "horror" is in a sense a shame, as it will close off interest from many readers who would treasure it as much as I did: lovers of mystery, and even to an extent biography. That being said, it is very important to NOT finish Penpal immediately before attending any of the following: weddings, birthdays, romantic dates, celebrations, or any joyous occasion involving kids. There's only so much devestation the human mind can handle, and you definitely won't be in the mood.

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