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What Are We Reading?: The Martian, Andy Weir


5/5 Space MacGyvers

Language is an elegant tool of communication, for touching the hearts and minds of others. So when I saw the title of this book was "The Martian" and the entire blurb consisted solely of "The adventures of an astronaut stranded on Mars", I had to have it. Wonderfully, Mr Weir's unshakable confidence that his story should stand alone (without anything so mundane as marketing) is entirely justified. The Martian was a joy to read. Stranded in a terrible situation, astronaut Mars Watney is brave, upbeat and heartwarmingly funny, although at times he comes across a bit like a male Bridget Jones. As a pocket survivalist I was with him every step of the way as he struggled to turn a fatal disaster into a triumph. Not short on science, The Martian is definitely a book for those who like their laugh-out-loud spiced with intelligence and fraught with tension.

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