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What Are We Reading?: The Hole Behind Midnight, Clinton J Boomer

Rating: 5/5

Give me the short version:

Royden is the worst Hindu, the worst magical detective, and without a doubt the worst magical Hindu midget detective in the history of ever.

I have never in all my days felt so profoundly devastated to come to the end of a book and be unable to get more. It was like Mr Boomer personally hurt me. If I were one of those rich folk who used to patronize the arts, I would pay Clinton J Boomer to quit his day job and spend all his time writing sequels to this book. Sadly however, I'm not. Especially in this day and age it is very difficult to write about magic and secret worlds without sounding naff, but The Hole Behind Midnight encompasses its ludicrousy and horror with flippant ease. However the crown of the story goes to the creation of Royden, possibly the most fun character I've come across since John Dies at the End. Once again, yet another D&D wunderkind pulls out the good stuff.

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