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What Are We Reading?: Below Mercury, Mark Anson


4/5 Space Ghosts

Despite his stories tending to go silly towards the end it was Michael Crichton who first taught me an appreciation for writers who research the crap out of their subject matter, provide detailed further reading and a glossary, only to then integrate the information so effortlessly that you don't even need the reading aids. I happened on Below Mercury during a random eBook browse, which typically yields ten-odd sample downloads and four subsequently readable books. I find it's a good sign of an enjoyable read, as in the case of Below Mercury, for fellow tram passengers to wonder at your gleaming eyes and flushed cheeks - perhaps edging away from you across the seat in case excitement's contagious. In fact, everything that happened during my day became just one more maddening triviality until I could get back to reading. And much like a great amusement park ride, on reaching the end I immediately wanted to circle back and try it all again.

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