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Women In Horror Month!

OMG I made it into a Women in Horror Month post.

February is Women in Horror Month, a grassroots initiative to highlight the often underappreciated work of women in horror (horror films, horror novels, horror poetry, horror plays, horror everything!).

Websites and social media accounts take the opportunity to promote their favourite works by women in horror and run reading/viewing challenges.

Once I calm down and stop fangirling, Michael Wehunt, author of Greener Pastures (shown above, nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award and the Crawford Award and which incidentally broke my brain in the best possible way the first time I read it) has put together an extremely fierce list of great female horror authors which I can also heartily endorse because I've read at least 90% of the authors on it.

If you're raring to get stuck into Women in Horror but were never sure where to start enjoy the full list at, and happy reading!

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