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What Are We Reading?: The Complete Malazan Series (The Malazan Book of the Fallen), Steven Erikson

Rating: 5/5 Warring Civilizations

Do you like your sword and sorcery warfare adult, epic and brutal?

I have never before encountered a story that so seized control of my life. I've waded through this series a couple of times now, and the effect hasn't waned: everything must make way for the reading! If the damn thing was any longer I'd be found starved to death in my apartment; even so, with ten wonderfully hefty novels in the series it's a commitment you'd best gird your loins for. This is fantasy at its richest, brimming with cultures, species, religions, worlds - in fact, in its completeness I was reminded of my first time reading Red Mars / Green Mars / Blue Mars and being blown away by how every conceivable aspect of planetary colonization was covered. But the miracle here is that despite its intricacy, overwhelming size and scope, The Malazan Book of the Fallen is never unwieldy. Prepare to be amused, inspired and utterly devastated in equal measure, staggering out the other end utterly wrung dry. This is a particularly recommended read for anyone who's watched the news so long, they've forgotten their faith in humanity.

Favourite moment: "At once a shout rose from the length of the trench. 'HAIL THE MARINES!' And the faces around Corabb suddenly darkened, teeth baring. The instant transformation took his breath away. Iron, aye, you know all about iron.

The Nah'ruk were five steps behind them.

And the heavies rose to meet them."

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