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What Are We Reading?: Bleed Away the Sky, by Brian Fatah Steele

Rating: 4/5 Pulsating Worlds ***WARNING: This review contains spoilers! Proceed at your own peril.*** Give me the short version: The epic birth of a paranormal agent I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-release copy of this, which was nice as I was all set to buy it anyhow (and, dear reader, I did; because the easiest thing you can do to support writers is to buy their book). I'll be chuffed to see more of Audrey Darrow in future. Bleed Away the Sky follows her journey from damaged social outcast to embracing her ancient heritage and ultimately becoming a magic badass; which is all any of us wants, really. First up, Bleed Away the Sky was extraordinarily rich in mythos and I'm calling

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