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What Are We Reading?: Jesus of Scumburg, by Leo X Robertson

Rating: 4/5 Shattered Teeth Give me the short version: Decency is crucified upside down on a bizarro messianistic journey ... Having liked The Grimhaven Disaster and very much enjoyed Kelpies in Deadman's Tome: Monsters Exist, I was lucky enough to land an advance copy of Jesus of Scumburg. While the story wasn't necessarily my mug of vodka, the style and examination of inverted social norms certainly is. Jesus of Scumburg doesn't exist merely to shock or titillate, although depending on the reader's temperament it may certainly do both. Like others in the field such as Lance Carbuncle's Sloughing Off the Rot, we follow a charasmatic messianic figure on a quest of peeling back and examining

Tom G.H. Adams reviews Flora & Jim ... superb descriptions (particularly about how wretched the

Tom G.H. Adams, author of the amazing Mycophoria (evil gooey killer fungus fun, you have to read it!) and Wandering in the Witch Wood, reviews Flora & Jim. "In short, this book is brilliant. Go out and buy it now. But if you want to know more, then read on. I enjoyed the last of Ms. Gregory’s books, ‘The Town’ and was eager to see where she would go with a story so innocuously titled as ‘Flora and Jim.’ The setting is a frozen, post-apocalyptic landscape similar to that found in the film, Extinction (2015.) There are also similar father-daughter relationship parallels. The other recent story I thought about in this respect was Netflix’s ‘Cargo’ albeit with a much different storyline (no zomb

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