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Paranormal Investigation: Aradale Insane Asylum

Welcome to Aradale Photo: Aradale Asylum. "It's not overstating to call it a disturbing report Doug."1 Because I can't resist an ultimate, in July 2018 along with my Scooby Gang I booked the six hour ultimate overnight paranormal investigation at Aradale Asylum. It became obvious we were onto a good thing when the Eerie Tours phone menu was done in this FANTASTIC Vincent Price voice. These are my kind of people. Excited, I decided to dig into a little reading. I've not covered the notorious state of early mental health care and asylums in general, as by being here you're probably already across all that. The horror films don't have it far wrong. The Aradale high points are: 1864 Construction

So Very Awkward: Chuck Wendig's Awkward Author Photo Contest 2018

Popular Vote Category Now Open So, author Chuck Wendig has for the past couple of years run a hilarious Awkward Author Photo contest on his blog Terrible Minds. In Chuck's own words: "You take a photo of yourself. Or someone takes a photo of you. And this photo is meant to imitate a really bad, really weird, really awkward author photo. Some real authors have terrible, terrible photos on their book jackets, and your job is to outdo those at every turn. Funny is good. Weird is wonderful. Clever is excellent." Chuck chooses his favourite and then the field is opened for popular votes, with the winner getting a prize! Who doesn't love a prize! Voting is open until Wednesday July 25th 2018. Anyw

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