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The Taste of a New Post-Apocalypse, or Why I Ate Bugs

So with outback horror The Town released it was time to start research on my next novel: Flora & Jim, the post-apocalyptic story I’ve always wanted to write. Flora & Jim takes place in a cold depopulated world. Wasteful humanity left plenty of crap behind, but the animals have evolved to be superior at accessing the abandoned resources. That leaves good old Jim the choice of luring tasty insects out of their hidey-holes in abandoned buildings … or taking on other people. In this day and age bugs are happily crunched in many parts of the world, and coming under food pressure the rest are starting to take a hard look. I ordered the Insect Lovers Trial Pack from the Edible Bug Shop, suppliers t

Pre Orders for The Town!

It's happening! Pre-orders for the kindle first edition of The Town are now live on Amazon! Click HERE to go THERE if you know what I mean "Kate knows what she saw on the satellite footage: the burnt out remains of a town. But she was drunk, the evidence is gone and nobody believes it was ever there. Determined to prove it at any cost, in poking around the outback Kate risks exposing herself and her friends to a slew of horrible urban legends, sinister locals, and the mystery of too many people who have vanished over the years with nowhere to go." Other sales channels following soon, of course. This is my fourth novel, and definitely my most Australian one (though amidst all the sci-fi and

What Are We Reading?: The Nameless Dark, A Collection, TE Grau

Rating: 5/5 Grasping Tentacles Give me the short version: Do you like your “normality” with its skin peeled off? It’s near impossible for me to pick a favourite from this collection of characters so unashamedly real, with ambitions so naked you can glimpse bone. Tubby’s Big Swim, for example, is a breathtaking piece of narrative voice I’ll still be reading and marveling over when I’m ninety. A young boy, so alienated he’s practically a step outside reality, and his pet cephalopod. How perfect is that? But Return of the Prodigy takes the cake as one of the best short stories I’ve ever happened upon. Gary’s reluctant honeymoon deliciously blends crawling unease with near-slapstick and decide

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