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Free things, because free things, because free things, because ...

Scifi/horror Outermen is free on Amazon kindle this week, because you can't stop me you're not my real mom! clickety-click here for Outermen in the kindle store If you're still a bit challenged (I get it, commitment can be a scary thing) and want to know more I've touched on Outermen previously blog post on Outermen ... this is not a world that births heroes ... And also a special thankyou to all of my kindle readers. Amazon doesn't let me put up as much free stuff for you to enjoy as other sales platforms, so even though I make it as cheap as I can and throw in the occasional decadent sale I doubly appreciate you sticking with me :-)

North of Eight Launch

A writer, a writer-producer, and a writer-producer-actor walk into a bar for the North of Eight launch ...

One of my characters stood calmly today while I walked in a circle around them

One of my characters stood calmly today while I walked in a circle around them. This is an experience that will one day be commonplace, but for me it was pretty damn unique. In our spare time (such bucketloads that there are with my significant other wrapping up the most epic-est short film ever shot in Australia, and my next novel outback horror The Town nearing completion) my partner and I have been working on a horror computer game called Home in Time For Dinner; originally for PC but now for the emergent marvel that is VR. Before any of you get uppity about VR being a gimmick I STOOD ON THE SURFACE OF FREAKIN' MARS last night courtesy of the Curiosity Rover so boo to you! Our characters

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