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What Are We Reading?: The Greenland Diaries Days 1-100, Patrick Marsh

Rating: 3/5 Terrified Nights Give me the short version: It was the mysterious booming sound in the night that brought the monsters and very quickly the world fell apart. Our narrator and his little sausage dog must struggle not to fall apart with it. Let me get the most obvious thing out of the way first, as if you’ve skimmed other reviews you’ll already be aware. I found The Greenland Diaries to be a damn enjoyable read, and given a solid round of proofing and editing it would become a great one. The kindle version I downloaded was dated October 2014 and it was unusual to find a page that did not contain typos, similar-word errors (i.e. “grizzly” for “grisly;” “scrapped” for “scraped”), or

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