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Only Skin

Unwilling to risk any light I groped my way indoors, flinching as the key grated in the lock. The metal on metal sounded so loud! I was so keyed up that I almost giggled at my own nerves, my exaggerated sneaking steps.

Indoors the dark was close and immediate, smothering some senses while exquisitely enhancing others. The two most intimate sensations were my breath, gasping in and out, and the touch of the wall that I navigated by. Under my sensitised fingertips minor plaster variations became mountains, canyons. In steering by them I traversed the topography of some great map in miniature.

Tonight the walls of the Cold Room radiated a faint luminescence. I could feel more than see the change in light quality as I came down the stairs; instead of shedding illumination the glow clung jealously to the walls, keeping all enlightenment to itself.

My heart stuttered and kicked; stepping over the threshold was like falling into freezing water. The atmosphere itself was electrically alive. I could feel the air charging me like a battery until I swelled huge and turgid. My hair lifted, first on my arms, then the little curling strands all over my body. My skin was clenched in a stranglehold about the base of each follicle. Static crackled like a secret communiqué between the strands.

Only Skin

"I was the man at the beach. I have a name, and it is not God. It's Simon."
- Simon

Enter Simon's world, where reality and everyone in it serve only his grim fantasies.

Simon is a narcissist, a powerful liar and a very dangerous man - but in the dry bushland lurks a woman who suspects lost vulnerability at his heart.

And another, less beautiful, whose violent loathing for him will never be silenced.