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Automatons - How it Happened

One day quite some time back (long enough for laptop computers to have been novel, but not so far that we carried apples to school in waxed paper bags) a classmate suddenly and quite mysteriously erupted with their conviction that it's only folk too weak to believe in themselves who look to God.

Although understandably taken aback, BP Gregory was instantly fascinated by what it must be like to sit in such ruthless judgment of the people around you.

Skip forward a handful of years and many mugs of coffee - BP's short story Clockwork Junk was published in Eclection, Monash University's 2003 collection of student work.

Although it was off to a good start on the ruthless judgment front, BP realised that Joyce, the story's insufferable protagonist, would need to confront a truly monumental disaster. A train wreck in progress where others would rely desperately on her to throw away her tender convictions and enact their version of "the right thing".

Automatons: a crumbling world of passionate technology and human loneliness, fried breakfasts and epic bar fights; became the vehicle for putting Joyce through just that hell.

Tales From the Booklaunch - 2013

'I'm our era's damn night janitor, that's what I am. I come along after the party on my hands and knees to clear away all of the vomit, burnt sparklers and dribbly knotted-up rubbers so that everything is squeaky and clean for the next lot.'

- Joyce

'And you think some kind of deux-ex-interventionous is going to bring us a new world? That's what you believe?'

- Samuel

If this is the way the world ends, only Joyce caught the whimper.

Wildly crass and wretched on her quest to slice failing humanity free of our self-aware machines, between prophetic voices and the prospect of being tits-out crazy it's just Joyce's luck to cross paths with smarmy Samuel, life's impossible tourist.

A trucker's death draws the reluctant couple down the last highway, a decaying band of asphalt wrapped about the desert's carmine heart. And at the judgement day diner they are caught up in a small town maelstrom of adultery, lies and hidden violence.