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BP Gregory
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The Hallway The Basement
Where you will find a little about the author. Where you will find material for the novel Automatons
The Outside Window The Parlour
Where you will find links to friends and associates Where you will find the store, interesting quotes, reviews of other peoples works, site credits and contact details for BP Gregory
The Cold Room The Study
Where you will find material for the novel Only Skin Where you will find works in progress
The Store Out Front
Just here for the books Where you will find a lovely view of the house
Friends and other curious specimens Return to the Parlour
BP Gregory...

Wouldn't be seen in anything but Blavatsky
Stays up late to watch cinematic mayhem from Snowgum Films
Loves to get bloody with special effects goodness from Nightshade FX
Thrills to the titilation of Ms Aimee Nichols